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Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports    Overview

With Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports, citation of patent language has never been easier. Why waste time and money sorting through countless pages of patent text line by line when Pat2Cite™ can automatically generate citations for you? Simply enter the seven digit number of the patent you would like to cite and let Pat2Cite™ retrieve the patent text, correctly cite each sentence in proper format, and display the results in a convenient Word document format.

Pat2Cite™ has many uses:

  1. Patent evaluation
  2. Prelitigation research
  3. Trial research

Pat2Cite™, however, is not just for litigators or expert witnesses, it can also be used by anyone involved in buying and selling patents such as patent aggregators, investors, venture capitalists, business buying/selling, mergers and acquisition, etc.

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Features and Benefits

Completely Confidential
At we understand confidentiality is paramount.

Saves Time and Money
Eliminates the tedious, arduous and time consuming task of citing patents by hand. Pat2Cite™ takes only minutes.

Convenient, Easy to Use Format
Pat2Cite™ creates an easy to use Word document report containing the full patent text, with each sentence correctly cited in the proper format. This document will open on a Macintosh and Windows PC computer and can be interchanged between the two.

Because Pat2Cite™ is published as a Word document, it provides a text search.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
You can use from any Macintosh or Windows PC computer. In addition, the Pat2Cite™ Word output will also work in Microsoft Word on a Macintosh or Windows PC computer.

Trackable Client Billing tools make it easy to track billing to your clients. Simply enter your client identifier when you use Pat2Cite™.

Always Accessable
Pat2Cite™ is available over the Internet anywhere, anytime. Just enter the patent number.

Pricing and Availability

The Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports are available at discounted rates to members on monthly or a pay-as-you-go basis. Members login here, or click here to start your membership.

Click here to find out more about pricing. is also happy to run the Pat2Cite™ Citation Reports for you via our consulting services. Contact us for pricing and handling information.

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