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Source Code Listings    Overview

Our Source Code Listing tools take the mystery out of source code by creating an easy to understand, exhibit-ready, formatted and line-numbered display of your source code files.

Two types of source code listings are available:

Both our single file and side-by-side Source Code Listing tools create convenient word document displays that you can use as an illustrative visual aid for judges, juries, or other members of your organization. Even easier, can generate listings of an entire code base via our consulting services.

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 - Single File Source Code Listing
 - Dual File Side-by-side Source Code Listing


Single File Source Code Listing Sample

Dual File Side-by-side Source Code Listing Sample

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Features and Benefits

Completely Confidential
At we understand confidentiality is paramount. Uploaded files are processed entirely in memory and are not stored on our server.

Exhibit-Ready and Easy to Understand
Creates an exhibit ready, formatted and line-numbered word document display thatís easy for judges, juries, and members of your organization to see and understand. Exhibit numbers, page numbers, line numbers, and file path names on each page help the witness keep the record clear and meaningful.

Cost Effective
Streamlines the process of creating source code exhibits manually with automatic formatting.

Choose to display a single source code file, or two source code files side-by-side for easy comparison. Identify the client for easy billing. Insert text to be displayed as a header or footer.

Consistent and Accessible
Provides consistency for exhibits between cases, which can easily be shared with others in your organization.

Trackable Client Billing tools make it easy to track billing to your clients. Simply enter your client identifier when using our Source Code Tokenizing tool.

Cross-Platform Compatibility tools will work on any Macintosh or Windows PC computer.

Pricing and Availability

The Source Code Listing tools are available at discounted rates to members on monthly or a pay-as-you-go basis. Members login here, or click here to start your membership.

Click here to find out more about pricing. is also happy to generate Source Code Listings for you via our consulting services. Contact us for pricing and handling information.

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