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Source Code Comparisons    Overview

Identifying and displaying stolen, copied, or translated source code is no problem using our Source Code Comparison service. The Source Code Comparison service uses a propriety, patent pending process to create an easy to understand, exhibit ready, formatted and line numbered word document display comparing two source code files side by side.

Lines of code that are identical copies of one another are displayed in underlined red font. Lines of code that are not literally identical copies but are functionally equivalent are displayed in underlined blue font. experts can identify where a code translation - a term used in one set of code that is logically identical to a term used in another set of code - has been used in an attempt to hide or obscure illicit copying. In this way our Source Code Comparison service is able to identify more stolen or copied code than might otherwise have been discovered. Lines of code that are required by the programming environment, such as the tag in html files, are displayed in underlined magenta font, and can easily be filtered from infringement consideration. Blank lines are ignored, leaving only unique, original lines of code unmarked.

Statistics showing the number and percentage of identical or translated, functionally equivalent, and filtered lines are generated, making your case easier to prove.


Source Code Comparison Sample 1

Source Code Comparison Sample 2

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Features and Benefits

Completely Confidential
At we understand confidentiality is paramount. You can feel confident that staff will go out of their way to ensure sensitive information remains confidential.

Exhibit-Ready and Easy to Understand
Creates an exhibit ready, formatted and line-numbered word document display thatís easy for judges, juries, and members of your organization to see and understand.

Cost Effective
Saves thousands of dollars and hours of work by automatically locating and matching literally identical/translated lines of code. is able to identify and overcome various ways illicit code copying is hidden or obscured. Generating exhibits is easy with automatic formatting.

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Consistent and Accessible
Provides consistency for exhibits between cases, which can easily be shared with others in your organization.

Pricing and Availability

The Source Code Comparision service is available via our consulting services. Contact us for pricing information and handling instructions.

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