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Source Code Base Statistics    Overview

The Source Code Base Statistics service helps make source code analysis simple by providing information and insight into the state of your source code. The highly informative service generates spreadsheets containing a complete set of statistics on all files and directories in a source code base.

The Source Code Base Statistics include:

  • Line Counts and Size (bytes)
    • Counts by file:
      • Extension
      • File
      • File Full Path
      • Last Modified Date
      • Total Line Count
      • Total Size (bytes)
    • Counts by extension:
      • Extension
      • Total File Count
      • Total Line Count
      • Total Size (bytes)
  • Max Modified Dates
    • Max modified dates by directory:
      • Directory
      • Max Modified Date

Features and Benefits

Completely Confidential
At we understand confidentiality is paramount. You can feel confident that staff will go out of their way to ensure sensitive information remains confidential.

Generates a comprehensive list of statistics. Provides valuable information and insight into the state of the source code.

Cost Effective
Streamlines the process of analyzing source code bases manually.

Output is a spreadsheet for each type of statistic. Ready for input into downstream processes, or for manual use. Can be searched, sorted and viewed in any spreadsheet program.

Consistent and Accessible
Provides consistency for exhibits between cases, which can easily be shared with others in your organization.

Pricing and Availability

The Source Code Base Statistics service is available via our consulting services. Contact us for pricing information and handling instructions.

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